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BLOG 009 Crisp Air

by Jim Rataczak on 09/06/12

It's been hot lately in Minnesota, getting into the 90's for many of the last days of August.  But last night the air turned crisp, and as if a switch had been flipped, my body began converting to "Autumn Mode", and I felt a rush of excitement. 

Out in this crisp air, I worked my dog through the field along the marsh behind our house.  She's in good shape for 11, but slower than she was in her prime.  Last night, though, she felt the change, too, and both of our tails were wagging with a little extra whip.

Small groups of Wood Ducks and Mallards zipped by occasionally as we walked, and they, along with the break from the heat, are why I love fall.  Hard to believe some birds are already getting resltess to move south, because I know there are still plenty of warm days to come.  But the fall migration and the first crisp nights make these among my favorite days of the year.

Fall means the onset of the hunting seasons, of course, and to feed off that energy I am working on an oil right now of a flushing Woodcock.  I'll post an image of it when it's done, but for now here's the 6" x 9" study for your viewing pleasure:

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