BLOG 007 Canoe Country : Natural Selections--Observations on Art and Nature
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BLOG 007 Canoe Country

by Jim Rataczak on 07/06/12

My daughter just finished a two-week canoe trip through Ontario’s spectacular Quetico wilderness.  Her trip was made possible by a fantastic YMCA camp, Camp Widgiwagan.  “Widji” provides some wonderful opportunities for young people to experience true wilderness, and their staff and trip leaders all have an irrepressibly positive energy that permeates everything they do.  I really can’t help but gush about the experience my daughter had, and how good it makes me feel to know that people like her trip leader are putting their significant talents into such worthy endeavors.

For a few days prior to picking up my daughter, the rest of my family and I deployed our well-worn pop-up camper on the edge of the canoe country.  I love just about any type of natural surroundings, but canoe country is special.  The massive and ancient rocks, the calls of the Loons, and the quiet drips of water off the paddle have forever held a special allure to me.   Unfortunately, the allure extends to myriad bugs possessing piercing and sucking mouthparts as well.  But, bugs aside, this country is a great place to paddle, fish, and paint, and I look forward to working up some of the ideas spawned on my latest excursion north.

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